Issaquena County Mississippi

Here is a unique delta property located in the Fitler community of Issaquena County. There is 18 acres of experimental tree plantation presently growing a poplar species. This is a fast growing tree for future timber production. There is a high fence around the perimeter to keep out the deer and hogs. By simply opening a gate/fence on the north end, will allow wildlife to access the entire property. This is a sandy loam soil suitable for growing cotton, soybeans, corn, etc. Take a look at this rare opportunity to own a small tract in the Delta, right across the MS River levee on the protected side. Call for more details.



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land for sale survey Mississippi


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aerial 18 acres for sale Mississippi Delta


topography 18 acres for sale Mississippi Delta

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fenced land for sale experimental tree plantation listing
land for sale Issaquena County MS   tree farm for sale